Friday, March 8, 2013

The Perfect Time to Start Afresh...

There is something about this time of year that makes you feel galvanised and primed to get things done. Maybe it is the longer days or the prospect of the clocks going forward. Or maybe it is just because it is spring time and that means spring cleaning i.e. blowing away the cobwebs of the winter and replacing them with the fresh energy of the very first inklings of summer.
Whatever your own reasons might be, now is the perfect time to give your property a thorough going over and to take on all of those DIY projects that you blamed the weather for not being able to do last year.

So where should you start?


The best way to blow out the cobwebs of winter is to give your home a damn good clean! Indeed, there is nothing quite like having a fresh, clean home to make you feel like spring has really sprung. Remember, this is probably the only time of year you will get to do this so you need to make sure you do it thoroughly. This means being methodical and addressing each and every room in turn. Naturally, the kitchen is likely to take longer to clean than other rooms as you will need to take on laborious tasks, such as cleaning the oven and fridge/freezer.


Cleaning your home in such a diligent and methodical fashion gives you the opportunity to see exactly how much stuff you have tucked out of the way in each room. Indeed, a good spring clean will enable you to not only see how much gear you’ve got; it will also make you realise how much stuff you don’t actually want, use or need any more. This really is the perfect chance to have a really good sort, so make sure you keep this in mind as you are cleaning. The best strategy is often to leave all of the bits and pieces you’re not sure about keeping in the middle of the room (or outside the door) when you’re cleaning. Once you’ve finished the entire cleaning process, go back to each room in turn and decide which items you’d like to keep and which ones you could stand to do without. Once you have collected your unwanted items you can simply take them to your local charity shop or leave them in one of those charity collection bags that get posted through your door each week.


The last thing to do is to break out the toolbox and take care of those DIY tasks that were simply ‘impossible’ to do during the winter. This could mean addressing interior projects like finally mounting those wall panel heaters you bought last autumn, or taking care of exterior tasks like putting up a garden arbour seat in time for the summer.
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