Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Transform your Garden this Spring...

Now that spring is here, you will most likely be thinking about spending more of your time outdoors. Indeed, there will plenty of opportunities to enjoy the milder temperatures and longer evenings now that the start of British Summer Time is just around the corner.
Naturally, your garden is sure to play a large part in this. After all, there are few things more enjoyable than an al fresco meal, an afternoon of games or an evening barbeque in the safe and leafy surrounds of your very own garden.
However, it is fair to say that many gardens don’t look as though they are quite ready to accommodate outdoor meals, games and barbeques at this time of year. To be sure, three or four months of wintry weather has a way of making even the most well cared for gardens look tired and dishevelled.
So, chances are; if you are looking to enjoy the benefits of your garden this spring and summer, you will most likely have to go out of your way to ensure it is fit for purpose. Fortunately, this is relatively easy to achieve as long as you are willing to put in a little bit of time, thought and effort.

Careful Planning

As with interior design projects, planning is of paramount importance when it comes to creating a garden to meet your needs. With this in mind, the first thing you should do is draw up an outline of the different landscaping areas you want to have in your garden. For instance, you may want to have a patio area just outside your back door so that you can enjoy barbeques on it with friends and family in the summer. Similarly, you may like the idea of having a decent fence to ensure you get plenty of privacy. Regardless of what your own particular desires might be, you should be able to turn them into reality with a little bit of careful planning.

Functional Features

It often helps to have one or two major features in your garden as these will help your garden to look inviting and be more functional. Indeed, a decent outdoor table and chairs set or a beautiful wooden bench can draw the eye and provide those enjoying the fresh air with a place to sit and relax. A metal–framed hammock or garden arbour seat can help to achieve the same thing whilst also delivering a little more in the way of decadence.

Finishing Touches

Once you have your garden landscaped to your requirements and resplendent with suitably functional features, you'll simply need to add a few finishing touches. For instance, you could install a few outside cigarette bins to keep fag butts off of your lovely new patio or hang some LED lights to help illuminate your al fresco meals.
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Friday, March 8, 2013

The Perfect Time to Start Afresh...

There is something about this time of year that makes you feel galvanised and primed to get things done. Maybe it is the longer days or the prospect of the clocks going forward. Or maybe it is just because it is spring time and that means spring cleaning i.e. blowing away the cobwebs of the winter and replacing them with the fresh energy of the very first inklings of summer.
Whatever your own reasons might be, now is the perfect time to give your property a thorough going over and to take on all of those DIY projects that you blamed the weather for not being able to do last year.

So where should you start?


The best way to blow out the cobwebs of winter is to give your home a damn good clean! Indeed, there is nothing quite like having a fresh, clean home to make you feel like spring has really sprung. Remember, this is probably the only time of year you will get to do this so you need to make sure you do it thoroughly. This means being methodical and addressing each and every room in turn. Naturally, the kitchen is likely to take longer to clean than other rooms as you will need to take on laborious tasks, such as cleaning the oven and fridge/freezer.


Cleaning your home in such a diligent and methodical fashion gives you the opportunity to see exactly how much stuff you have tucked out of the way in each room. Indeed, a good spring clean will enable you to not only see how much gear you’ve got; it will also make you realise how much stuff you don’t actually want, use or need any more. This really is the perfect chance to have a really good sort, so make sure you keep this in mind as you are cleaning. The best strategy is often to leave all of the bits and pieces you’re not sure about keeping in the middle of the room (or outside the door) when you’re cleaning. Once you’ve finished the entire cleaning process, go back to each room in turn and decide which items you’d like to keep and which ones you could stand to do without. Once you have collected your unwanted items you can simply take them to your local charity shop or leave them in one of those charity collection bags that get posted through your door each week.


The last thing to do is to break out the toolbox and take care of those DIY tasks that were simply ‘impossible’ to do during the winter. This could mean addressing interior projects like finally mounting those wall panel heaters you bought last autumn, or taking care of exterior tasks like putting up a garden arbour seat in time for the summer.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Make the most of your iPhone...

iPhones are everywhere these days, and there’s more to them than meets the eye. No longer are they simply a communication device but they’re vital pieces of kit in their own right, and in many cases they’ve become so ingrained in everyday life that you simply can’t function without one. But, to really make the most of your beloved iPhone you’re going to need a few additional items to see you through, so we thought we’d give you a quick run-through of them to ensure your iPhone can perform on every level.

Have the right accessories

Accessories should be a core part of iPhone ownership, and a lot of them are practical too. Take covers, cases and screen protectors—with new generation iPhones being so expensive you shouldn’t even think of taking them outside without having the right kind of protection in place, and with so many different styles and designs to choose from you’ll find cases that can perfectly suit your personality and sense of style.

Get powered up

A charger will be a vital piece of kit, and whilst you’ll be given one with your new phone you might need alternative solutions. An emergency charger can be ideal and should always be carried with you for when you’re caught unawares, or what about a proper mobile phone charging station? This can be a great way to avoid the hassle of trailing wires everywhere, and with some phone charging stations even letting you charge up several electronic devices at once you’ll have a one-stop power solution that’s perfect for modern lifestyles.

Feel the beat

Music is a vital part of a lot of people’s daily lives, and with an iPhone by your side you’ll have your own personal music library with you at all times. So why not make the most of it? A decent pair of headphones will be essential for when you’re out and about, but you might want something a little extra too. iPhone docks, speakers and radios can be ideal, giving you a great foundation so you can enjoy your music at its best.

Go hands-free

Going hands-free can be a highly convenient solution to your communication needs. Bluetooth headsets can be used to great effect whilst in-car hands-free kits can be ideal—you’ll be able to easily use your iPhone as a sat nav, for example, whilst letting you communicate when you’re on the move. It’s a great option for those that are on the road a lot, and with hands-free calling you’ll be staying within the law and won’t have your attention compromised by holding your phone.
As you can see, a few additional pieces of kit would be a great way to really make the most of your iPhone. Heading to DIY shops will give you plenty of options to choose from, and if you’re looking for the best make sure to take a look around and you’ll soon have all the gadgets you need to take your iPhone to new heights.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Start your spring sort-out early...

This time of year may still be feeling fairly bleak on the weather front, but fear not—spring is on the way! Well, it’ll get here eventually, and with spring comes the chance for a fresh start so we can all feel a little bit brighter. It’s the perfect opportunity to give your home a once-over whether it’s a deep clean, a thorough sort-out or a time to get started on all those DIY projects you’ve been talking about for months, so why not get started early? Having a head start will mean you’re not racing to get things done in time for summer, and with plenty to keep you occupied it’ll be the perfect way to chase away the winter blues once and for all.

Get cleaned up

Chances are a spot of spring cleaning will be on the agenda, and there’s nothing better than having a sparkling clean home to enjoy for the rest of the year. You’ll want to give everything a thorough once-over paying particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom, and this isn’t time to cut corners—you want to cover everything from the oven and fridge to giving the skirting boards a quick dust, because keeping up with the cleaning schedule will be much easier if you’ve got a home that’s as clean as possible to begin with.

Out with the old, in with the new

It’s a great time to have a bit of a sort out too, so start going through your home to see if there’s anything you could get rid of. Clutter will do your home no favours and it’ll turn your cosy abode into a chaotic one, so make sure to consider everything from your wardrobe to those knick knacks that have started to accumulate. You could have a car boot sale or perhaps donate the bulk of it to charity to do your good deed for the month, and it’s a great opportunity to treat yourself to a few new items as well—items of organisation, of course, with shelves and cabinets (for example) helping you organise the things you’ve got left.

Fixer-upper frolics

Finally, you’ll want to take a look at those DIY jobs that could be building up. Chances are there’s something that could benefit from a bit of a fixer-upper project, so why not get out the tool box and see what you can do? It could be something as simple as putting up those shelves that have been kept in the box since you got them, installing wall panel heaters for a bit of extra warmth, perhaps hanging that mirror that was a Christmas present or even taking a look at the garden and putting up that wooden garden arbour in time for the sunshine—whatever you’ve got to do now’s the time to do it, and with the help of DIY shops in the UK (such as us) you’ll have everything you need to give your home a once-over and bring it up to scratch in time for spring.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Essential Tools for Men...

It is a long running joke in many households up and down the land that you should never come between a man and his toolbox. Every man should have a toolbox waiting and ready to do a spot of emergency DIY, but much like a lady’s handbag there are some people who would rather not divulge the contents of their box! However, we believe that there are certain essential tools which every man should possess. No matter whether your girlfriend or wife needs some help in putting together pieces of furniture, or if you are needed to put together a child’s new bike, here are some tools which you should always have ready to hand.
1. First of all, make sure that you have a decent box to store all your tools in. Sure, some men like to leave their tools in an old Quality Street tin which dates back to 1982, but your tools deserve to be treated with a little bit more respect than that. Heavy duty tool boxes will keep your collection in the best condition possible. Even better, they look extremely manly so are bound to impress all the females in your life! Joking aside, it is well worth keeping your tools together in a dry and safe place which can be easily transported no matter where you need to use them. Nowadays you can even buy tool boxes on wheels.
2. Secondly, every tool box should contain a decent hammer or two. A good solid claw hammer can be used for a number of different purposes, from banging in nails to causing complete demolition jobs. It is also useful to ensure that you have a range of flat head and Phillips screwdrivers in varying sizes for whenever you need to remove any awkward screws from flat pack furniture. Please note that if you are attempting to remove glass out of a light socket it is important to turn off the electricity first!
3. Finally, there is no doubt that every man should possess at least one tape measure. Tape measures are essential whenever you decide to go down the DIY route and create or fix products by yourself. If you are unable to make accurate measurements then you will be creating a whole load of trouble for yourself in the long run. You may also want to ensure that you have a decent wrench or two which may help if you do find yourself in a tricky DIY situation.
Before you purchase such tools, remember that there is no point in buying the cheapest stuff on the market as these are likely to break as soon as you pick them up. Invest in quality products which you won’t regret. Choose the right tools and they could last you a lifetime. If you are unsure about which brands to go for just take a look at our diyshop website as we only stock the best quality products which should look after your needs for years to come.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Create Your Perfect Back Garden...

The New Year is here and many people are wondering what to turn their thoughts to now the Christmas festivities are over. Inevitably, the eye falls on areas around your home and whether they require decorating for the New Year ahead. In all the midst of deciding whether to repaint the kitchen or not, many people fail to think of their back gardens. Many of us have thought about the garden of our dreams for years without having done anything about it. That is why you should make 2013 the year where you really do put your dreams into action.
Transforming your back garden does not have to cost a fortune. What’s more, no longer do you have to trudge down to the local DIY shops in the cold and rain – simply log onto our online site instead and find everything that you may need. The key component of creating your perfect back garden is to make sure that you plan ahead. Draw out an outline of all the different landscaping areas that you want to have. It may be that you want a patio area just outside your back door so that you can enjoy barbeques on it with friends and family in the summer. Otherwise you may enjoy having a beautifully laid lawn which the kids are safe to play on. No matter what your requirements, they should all be achievable with a little forward planning.
It often helps to have one or two major centre pieces in any garden. These will help draw the eye and attract attention to the garden area as a whole. Winchester garden furniture is available in a stunning range of products and really adds a touch of class to any outdoor area. You certainly won’t be show of showing off your home to friends and family when you have such quality products to sit on. However, if you smoke, you will not want your cigarette butts to be littered all over the lawn. That is why it may be an excellent idea to invest in some outdoor cigarette bins which will allow you to dispose of your smokes in a tidy fashion.
Once you have got the centre pieces of your garden sorted out, you can easily indulge yourself in a spot of DIY and make some garden features yourself. It is amazing what you can do with planks of wood and a set of hammer and nails. Raised garden beds are an increasingly popular way of growing flowers. This is because they are ideal for people who suffer from back or joint problems as the raised beds ensure that you don’t have to bend down to ground level. You may well need to buy a garden shed to store all your garden tools in. If this is the case make sure you buy a quality model which isn’t going to fall over and break at the slightest hint of a wind. Create the garden of your dreams this year in 2013.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Essential Aids for your Christmas Get Togethers...

Whether you look forward to the festive period with the enthusiasm of a small child or anticipate its arrival about as keenly as the onset of acne, there’s no disputing the fact that Christmas is one holiday that simply cannot be ignored.
Indeed, the decorations, the presents and the celebratory get-togethers are a big deal; therefore it is essential you get everything right.


Making sure your decorations are all present and correct is a comprehensive but essential task. To be sure, having a respectable looking tree, with suitably fun lights, twee ornaments and nice, shiny baubles is a pre-requisite for any Christmas, especially if you have little ones.


Thanks to the Internet, the buying of Christmas presents is nowhere near as stressful as it once was. In fact, it is now possible to take care of practically all of your Christmas shopping without having to leave the house. And, when it’s cold outside, icy on the roads and manic in the shopping centres; that really can be something of a Godsend!

Celebratory Get-Togethers

That time when your friends and family come round to your house to celebrate with you is arguably the most rewarding part of Christmas. Indeed, having those closest to you playing board games, Charades, cards and Wii all under one roof can help to make you feel as though Christmas (and everything that goes into it) really is worthwhile.
However, it is also fair to say that these get-togethers can also be a little bit stressful at times, particularly if more than a few of your guests will be staying overnight!
Fortunately, we here at can provide you with a number of simple aids which can help to ensure your festive shindig will be a big hit for both you and your guests.

Cigarette Bins

If a significant number of your guests are smokers, you will notice that they all congregate in the same spot when they go outside to ‘get some air’. After a while, you will also notice their discarded cigarette butts creating a somewhat ugly pile.

Stressful? Not much!

The best way to avoid having to deal with this problem is to invest in a free standing or wall mounted cigarette bin. This handy option will not only provide your nicotine dependent guests with a convenient place to leave their butts; it will also give you some much needed peace of mind.

Rechargeable Batteries

If you do decide to play Nintendo Wii games all evening then you will find having some rechargeable batteries at hand to be very beneficial. Indeed, having a couple of chargers laden with batteries on the go will ensure that your antics on ‘Wii Party’ and ‘Just Dance’ can carry into the wee early hours.

Wall panel heaters

Finally, having one or two electric heaters will help to make sure everyone stays nice and warm when they do eventually decide to call it night... that they can do it all again the next day!